To FB or not to FB...
18 Apr 2019
That is the question many Facebook users have been asking themselves since the Russia-Facebook scandal became known. It is not an easy question for most people as they grapple with the ethics of the situation. Perhaps it would be helpful...
Software Engineering
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From Myspace to Semantic UI
21 Feb 2019
In the early 2000s… when every teenager was a professional HTML “coder” Early 2000s, picture a teenage girl glued to her computer screen searching for the perfect pink bling background to use on her homepage and a way to play...
Semantic UI
UI Frameworks
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Why Coding Standards Aren't Only For the Anal-Retentive
07 Feb 2019
No one likes a mess. Have you ever tried to make sense of someone else’s notes and just been completely lost? Which of these would you rather read? I’m guessing you picked the one on the right. When I taught...
Coding Standards
ES Lint
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24 years later...
14 Jan 2019
Once upon a time… In Kindergarten I won a $500 prize at school. Most kids would use it on toys or clothes, or their parents would put it into savings for them, but not me. I wanted a CD-rom drive...
Software Engineering
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